Brazos Carriage company In a Nutshell

Tracy Pratt, owner of Brazos Carriage, has been working with horses since she was a teenager. Tracy has owned horses her entire adult life, and has more years experience working with horses than she wants to admit publicly. For eighteen years she participated in showing and training horses, both under saddle (dressage and jumping) and in harness. Brazos Carriage Company was established in 2004 as a logical continuation of her work with horses under harness. She is assisted in the business by her husband Chris and their daughters Harlie and Grace.


Our Four-Legged Business Partners

The horses of Brazos Carriage receive the best of care and grooming. They get new shoes every 6 to 8 weeks, regular veterinary checkups, all annual vaccinations, and regular dental care. They are fed good grain twice daily and given choice hay in addition. They spend most of their time out in our big green pastures. On average they work one or two days a week with the exception of the Christmas holiday season. These horses are our partners in business. They are practically children to us. They live at our home and are the best part of our daily lives. We love to talk horse and always welcome questions.