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Tours & Carriage Service for Romantic Occasions

in Sundance Square Fort Worth

Brazos Carriage Company in Sundance Square Fort Worth

Carriage Service and Tours in Sundance Square Fort Worth

We provide a full range of services in Downtown Fort Worth and Sundance Square, and we have experience working at all the popular Fort Worth wedding venues. Our Romantic Proposal Package is very popular, and we also offer service at the Carriage Stand on West Second Street.

During the Christmas Holidays we offer Christmas Light Tours in Highland Park. On Valentine's Day and several days before we offer special romantic carriage rides in Sundance Square. We offer a service for every season and every customer. Please come see us, next time you're in the neighborhood.


Service at the Carriage Stand In Sundance Square

Romantic carriage rides through Sundance Square in Downtown Fort Worth. Twenty minute tours originating from the carriage stand in front of the Corner Bakery Cafe at 615 Main Street, Fort Worth 76102. Starting at $45 for a couple. Service available on Friday and Saturday evenings, weather and street conditions permitting. Service at the Carriage Stand is on a first-come, first-served basis.

A Half-hour Carriage Reservation in Sundance Square is a good choice if you have a specific date and time in mind, or if you need the carriage for more than fifteen minutes. A reservation in advance gives you the peace of mind of knowing that we have reserved 30 minutes of our time just for you.

Sundance Square Fort Worth Brazos Carriage

Reservation Options

 Valentine's Carriage Rides in Sundance Square

Valentine's Day has to be the most romantic holiday of them all. A romantic private carriage ride could be part of that original gift idea you've been looking for. Well, that and a fun evening in Sundance Square. 

This is private service. You're renting the whole carriage. Select between our classy and romantic open carriages and the ultra-romantic Cinderella carriage. Either way, you have a lovely evening out with the one you love. Use the button below to make your reservation now. Thank you!

Standard Carriage Service

  1. Half-hour Carriage Reservation - $85
  2. Half-hour Cinderella Carriage Reservation - $95
    A 1/2 hour ride in our Cinderella carriage. 
  3. Half-hour Sweetheart Carriage Reservation - $95
    A 1/2 hour ride, flowers and chocolates included. Appropriate for anniversaries, birthdays, and other memorable romantic occasions.
  4. Half-hour Sweetheart Cinderella Reservation - $105
    Same as #3 but in our Cinderella carriage.
  5. One hour Romantic Proposal Package - $175
    A one-hour carriage ride to the Fort Worth Water Gardens. Plenty of time for a vary special conversation.

Or, use our shopping cart, or call us. 817-723-2322 



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